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Embracing Your HOTNESS™?

What does it mean to be hot?

Leta Greene teaches you about the power of true HOTNESS™.

No, this is not an ad for the next big thing; this is why you need to hear Leta Speak!

Just like a wildfire, flashy and burning out of control, when we live large with no awareness of others, we not only burn others, we burn ourselves out, feeling empty and alone.  A campfire, because it is in control and contained, is ironically hotter.  True hotness lights the spark in others, and draws others close to feel the warmth and safety of gathering around true hotness.  Accordingly, when you are in touch with your true HOTNESS™, you tap into your unique ability to influence and impact others.

As an image consultant and makeup artist for almost twenty years, Leta has helped clients to not just look their best but to feel their best. It began in 1988 when Leta was an awkward and insecure (so basically, a typical teenage) kid.  Her story, like many, is that we all have to face what we look like, which may involve missing teeth, who we are and well … what we are going to do about it!  Her message is about the insecurities we all face and how to not only change them, but what we can do about them each and everyday.

Leta Greene speaks, entertains, and inspires audiences to embrace what makes us individually hot and amazing.  You can get a little bit of Leta through her TEDx talk and one of her TV interview on Utah Studio 5.   She has also been featured on other local TV and radio stations, and co-hosts an international radio program as the mental mind-set expert.

Corporations, direct sales companies, women’s group conferences, associations, and schools have all sought out her message.  She speaks about self-worth, self-perception, change, joy, “stop the bully in you” to schools and youth, and “overcoming despite the poopiness of life” to adults.  It is through humor, stories, and a new way of seeing the everyday that makes Leta’s audiences of all ages want to hold on for more!  She is funny, down to earth, and introduces hilarious characters that inspire you to expand and embrace your true HOTNESS™.  As a past sign language interpreter, Leta is very expressive (so make sure you watch as well as listen) and, therefore, uniquely engages crowds, large and small.  Most don’t leave Leta’s presentation without first having both laughed and cried.

To contact Leta about bringing the HOTNESS™ to your event call her at 801.455.7364 or e-mail her at